Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Video: H a r l a n C o u n t y USA.

Least we think that America was built by the starched shirts and expensive suits featured on FOX News and CNN.This documentary will help to remind us that our freedoms and working conditions were not won by U.S. soldiers in foreign lands but through the suffering and sweat of our fathers and grand fathers in their struggle against commercial interests.
These are my heroes, there sacrifice, courage and fortitude are worth of our respect and gratitude.
Directors: Barbara Kopple - Production Company: Cabin Creek - Runtime 105 Minutes.
Plot Synopsis: This film documents the coal miners' strike against the Brookside Mine of the Eastover Mining Company in Harlan County, Kentucky in June, 1973. Eastovers refusal to sign a contract (when the miners joined with the United Mine Workers of America) led to the strike, which lasted more than a year and included violent battles between gun-toting company thugs/scabs and the picketing miners and their supportive women-folk. Director Barbara Kopple puts the strike into perspective by giving us some background on the historical plight of the miners and some history of the UMWA.
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Author of article: Barbara Kopple - Production Company: Cabin Creek
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